Munch Man
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10  |  My favorite game from the 80s
thekev , 6/16/2003 3:41:50 PM
This game resembles Pacman but I have more fun with it, despite its repetitiveness. All the mazes are the same structure, but if you can make it to 20, 40, or 60, there is an "invisible level" which is difficult to complete because it is like moving in the dark. Upon passing these levels, you are sent back to level 1 several times in order to beat the game again, but the second and third time you are moving much faster, and so are the "Hoonos", those four enemies that equate to "troggles" in the popular Munchers series by Mecc that is also a spinoff of Pacman.
MunchMan has 60 levels in all and I've made it to the 35th legitimately. Once I slowed down the processor on my computer in order to see what the 60th level would be like. Even then, it was too difficult for me to get past #50.

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