Magnavox Odyssey^2 Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
128-In-1 Multicart 128-In-1 Multicart         Classic Game Creations
4 in 1 Row (Europe release) 4 in 1 Row (Europe release)         Philips
Alien Invaders--Plus! Alien Invaders--Plus!     Images   Magnavox
Alpine Skiing Alpine Skiing         Magnavox
Amok Amok         Classic Game Creations
Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase! Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase!     Images   Magnavox
Astro Dodge Astro Dodge        
Atlantis Atlantis         Imagic
Attack of the Timelord! Attack of the Timelord!         NAP
Backgammon (Europe release) Backgammon (Europe release)         Philips
Baseball! Baseball! Codes       Magnavox
Blobbers (Europe release) Blobbers (Europe release)         Philips
Blockout!/Breakdown! Blockout!/Breakdown!     Images   Magnavox
Bowling!/Basketball! Bowling!/Basketball! Codes   Images   Magnavox
Casino Slot Machine! Casino Slot Machine!         Magnavox
Clay Pigeon! (Brazil release) Clay Pigeon! (Brazil release)         Philips
Colorclash Colorclash        
Comando Noturno! Comando Noturno!         Magnavox
Computer Golf! Computer Golf!         Magnavox
Computer Intro! Computer Intro!         Magnavox